Sasaki Green Tea Co.,Ltd.


Sasaki Green Tea Company stands out by producing a variety of green tea product.
They are Sencha, Bancha, Hojicha, Genmaicha leaves and
Sencha, Matcha powders, leaves for tea bags.

We have confidence and expertise producing the best quality of tea.
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The most commonly enjoyed variety of Japanese green tea is sencha. The freshly-picked tea leaves are steamed and then dried as they are rolled. After the leaves have been shaped, they are blended to achieve the best flavor for the consumer.
In general, sencha is green tinged with yellow and has a well balanced combination of aroma, Umami and astringency, providing you with feeling of luxury that increases with the grade of green tea.
(Special grade : 1st hand plucked, High grade : 1st plucked, Medium grade : 2nd plucked.)